Does your business have a mobile device strategy?

Get control of licenses, devices and costs in one portal. Origo Business Cloud provides freedom and justice for the employee and saves the company unnecessary work.

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Origo Business Cloud consists of three modules and three options.

Select one or more modules according to the company’s needs:

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01. CostControl

Overview and distribution of costs.

CostControl provides an overview of all the company’s subscriptions, devices and additional services. It addresses the company’s need for expence control and predictability, while giving the employee full freedom and flexibility to use the mobile phone as they wish.


  • Divides the mobile invoice between the company and the employee based on predefined policies
  • The tax rules for benefits in kind are automatically fulfilled
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02. DineLisenser

Easy to manage, easy to switch.

YourLicenses gives employees full freedom to manage their mobile subscription. This makes it easy for the company changing mobile operator without losing the benefits Origo Business Cloud offers, and without major impacts on the company.


  • Manage all your company’s mobile subscriptions in a common portal
  • Operator independent – Easy to change mobile operator
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03. DeviceCycle

Administration of all units from A to Z.

DeviceCycle is the service that helps the customer to conveniently manage the devices of all employees. It covers the entire cycle from an employee started in a company until he / she quits. It includes everything from guidelines when buying new devices to repairing, handing them in or buying them out.


  • Online store – when buying a new or upgrading to the latest model of devices
  • Green profile when returning old units

Option to CostControl

CostAllocation automates the company’s administrative tasks and financial management. The option allows the company to decide which mobile invoices are to be distributed to the various cost centers / departments automatically.

Option to YourLicenses

OperatorLink streamlines the process of managing employees’ mobile subscriptions for the company. The solution is based on the company getting an API connection to its mobile operator.

Option to DeviceCycle

DevicePolicy sets guidelines for the purchase of devices in the company. The option maintains the guidelines without the need for manual follow-up. It reduces the cost of buying mobile phones for its employees.

Advantages of Origo Business Cloud


  • Reduces complexity, time and costs with a common cloud-based portal for both companies and employees.
  • Provides the opportunity to ensure common guidelines for all employees. The policy sorts out what is to be paid by the company and what is paid by the employee – completely automatically.
  • Provides flexibility to be able to offer all employees a mobile subscription and the mobile device they want at work and leisure – in a green profile.
  • Provides a saving in the use of internal resources related to questions and tasks from employees. A self-service portal where employees may fix everything themselves.


  • Get full freedom and flexibility to use the mobile subscription as they want with a clear conscience.

  • Private use is automatically deducted from the employee’s salary.

  • Manages the device itself by e.g. purchase, repairs and submission.

  • Saves time and does not have to involve other colleagues by handling work tools.